3 Beautiful Ways To Add Marble To Your Bathroom

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If you’re looking to add a sense of style, elegance and sophistication to your bathroom, introducing marble is a perfect choice! Marble has been used in design to signify wealth and high social status since ancient times and has continued to be a timeless material ever since. Here are our top 3 ideas for adding marble into your bathroom.

1. Marble Countertops

Perhaps one of the most visible and popular ways to add marble in a bathroom is by using it on surfaces, such as countertops. Installing marble countertops around your sink is the perfect way to create a beautiful and luxurious space that brightens up your bathroom. Not only are there aesthetic advantages, but marble also provides functional benefits in that it is water resistant and durable surface.

To make your bathroom look that extra bit classy, complement the marble with elements that accentuate its timeless beauty including gold, steel, silver or brass coloured fixtures. While many associate marbles with being white, marble comes in numerous colours with each marble slab containing unique veining.

2. Feature Walls

A less common way to use marble in bathrooms is to decorate the walls with it. As an extremely versatile material, you have various options when choosing to line your bathroom. One of these options is to use full slabs of marble, which creates a consistent, clean look. If covering an entire wall in marble is too much for you, consider lining the walls of your shower with marble tiles, which will add a spa-like quality to your space.

If you wish to create a unique look for your bathroom, you could alternate the size of the tiles to create an aesthetic that is reminiscent of modern art masterpieces. Intersecting art or geometric shape patterns will further differentiate the look of your bathroom from the norm.

3. Marble Flooring

Adding marble to flooring is another design option for your bathroom. By keeping wall tiles subtle, you can draw attention to the unique veining and make the floor the hero of your bathroom space.

Having a marble floor in your bathroom can create a warm, light atmosphere that ensures a relaxing experience due to it being a great conductor of heat and high translucency.

Marble is a beautiful and unique material that adds elegance to your bathroom that will leave a lasting impression on visitors. At American Standard, we provide fixtures that enhance and complement the style of your bathroom to create a timeless space that you are proud of.