5 Reasons Why Holidaymakers are Looking for Accommodation with Bidet Facilities

Holiday accommodation are aplenty these days. Travellers in a foreign city have no doubt rejoiced over budget apartment rentals, homely serviced apartments and high-tech hotel suites. Although it is a case of ‘different folks, different strokes’ when it comes to accommodation preferences, there is something that is sure to please all holiday makers alike: accommodation with bidet facilities. At American Standard, we have a full range of shower toilets, e-bidets and manual bidets or what we fondly call ‘Spalet’ – which means ‘spa in a toilet’.

These five reasons highlight how this bathroom innovation can be the difference maker in hotel properties and humble private residences.

Spa-like experience

Gone are the days of traditional bathroom needs; with the increasing amount of time spent in bathrooms, people now desire a spa-like experience. With our Spalet product range, it is enhanced with pampering spa-like functions to deliver the ultimate comfort, cleanliness and hygiene. One of such features includes dual nozzles cleansing function for dedicated front and rear cleansing. For ladies, you will delight in the fact that one of the nozzles is specifically designed for feminine cleansing – the spray water comes infused with air bubbles to bathe a lady’s delicate region for a spa-like sensation.

The comfort that users get to enjoy with our Spalet product range also extends to other customisable selections such as adjustable spray strength, controllable water volume and a posterior massage shower – something that will prove to be a hit with all travellers.

Cleaner and more convenient

The use of toilet paper is certainly troublesome, especially if you have exhausted the toilet roll in the bathroom and don’t know where to look for refills (imagine the awkwardness!). Additionally, rough toilet paper may cause abrasion and pain. Taking its place are the dual cleansing nozzles which can be activated by remote control buttons or by controlling a lever for manual bidets. The anti-bacterial nozzles are also rinsed before and after use, eliminating bacteria growth and contamination. Thus, nozzle cleansing provides a more effective and thorough ‘bottom wash’, suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin too. The adjustable spray strength also provides a soothing and therapeutic feeling. Using shower toilets or e-bidets and manual bidet seats are certainly more convenient. You don’t need to bend over in an awkward position to reach for the trigger spray or the flush!

Smart features that make travellers feel welcome

Upon stepping into the bathroom, the sensor in our shower toilets detects your presence, and will welcome you by automatically opening the seat cover – much like how a friend will receive you with ‘open arms’!

After usage, the seat cover then quietly and gently closes automatically. Furthermore, toilets are ergonomically designed at a ‘right height’ for that extra comfort and ease of getting on and off the bowl.

Travellers who have a knack for taking their own time in bathrooms may also switch on the music function from the control panel not only to mask unpleasant sounds, but for a form of personalised entertainment.

Emulates ‘hotel-style’ bathrooms

Bathrooms in the past are the most utilitarian room in the house. However, in today’s modern society, consumers hanker after both luxurious features and functionality in a bathroom.

With bidet seats or shower toilets, users get to enjoy an array of ‘concierge service’ features, such as an in-built night light, heated seat, auto-deodorizer and feminine air bubble cleansing that provide the ultimate hygienic cleansing experience and convenience. A bathroom with shower toilets or bidet seats add an instant touch of technology and class, matching those of hotels. Choose from our extensive range of Spalet products, from classic, modern to contemporary designs to emulate ‘hotel-style’ bathrooms that holidaymakers love.

Find comfort in every corner

Who doesn’t want a fresh smelling toilet throughout the day? The carbon filter on our bidet seats and the auto-deodorizer gets rid of bad odour for a pleasant bathroom trip. Automated dryer function provides a hands-free service to keep your bottom dry after cleansing. The seamlessly designed Comfort seat was crafted with a perfect fit in mind, cradling users’ bottoms as they settle comfortably into the toilet. It also has a warming function that can be activated at a touch of the button by the side panel. A heated seat welcomes you warmly in cold climates, something winter holiday makers appreciate greatly.

Now, then, is it any wonder Spalet makes the holiday for holiday makers?

Visit our Spalet website www.ilovespalet.com for more details.