How To Create the Perfect Hampton Style Bathroom

Wednesay Post

The Hamptons style is synonymous with elegance and coastal charm through the blend of both traditional and modern elements. This classic bathroom look creates a relaxed and homely retreat to escape busy lifestyles using four essential features.

Lots of White

A trademark of the Hamptons style is the use of the colour white. The colour is used as a background and is beneficial in bouncing light around the bathroom creating the airy and coastal feel of the Hamptons aesthetic. It also comes with an additional benefit of adaptability. By merely adding different coloured towels and accessories, it creates an entirely fresh look.

Coloured Accents

This style takes on a less is more approach. Colour should be added in small doses like in handles and tapware. Use duck egg blue, neutral colours, and for a more contemporary Hamptons look, the colour black is a beautiful touch.

Marble Features

Another feature of the Hamptons style is marble. Whether it’s on the walls, floors or countertops, marble is key to achieving the classic look. Marble tiling is often applied in various ways such as hexagonal or herringbone.

Free-Standing Bathtub

The Hamptons style embodies elegance and simplicity, so a simple design bathtub is a key to completing the look. Ideally, the bathtub will stand out by using contrasting colours, such as grey tiles.

Adding these elements to your bathroom will create the timeless, relaxed and sophisticated Hamptons look. No matter what your style is, at American Standard, we have a bathroom for you!