Looking To Customize Your Bathroom? Here Are A Few Ideas On How.

Looking to customize your bathroom 1

Whenever thinking about designing or customizing your home, your first thought might be to doll up your living room so it makes a good first impression on anyone who walks in the door, or your bedroom so it can be the most comfortable space for you. But how often does it occur to us to customize the bathroom as well?

Bathrooms don’t always have to be made up of plain pastel-colored tiles, cookie-cutter cabinets, and even standard-shaped toilet bowls. Instead, they can be designed in a way that might even improve any homeowner’s lifestyle.

For one, functionality is maximized as a customized bathroom can be adapted to each person’s individual needs, and even streamline your morning and evening routines. And, who wouldn’t want a bathroom that reflects your personal aesthetic, especially if you’ve pieced it together yourself from scratch?

If you’re already toying with the idea of turning your bathroom into a space that is customized to serve you more efficiently and please you aesthetically, here are a few suggestions on how:

1. Plan the space for a more streamlined process

Looking to customize your bathroom 2

Before you can maximize the functionality of a space, you first need to know what it will be used for. Ask yourself who will be using that particular bathroom – yourself, your kids, elderly parents, or even guests, and that should help you figure out what should or shouldn’t be included.

For instance, you won’t need a brightly-lit make-up mirror in a bathroom where your 3-year-old toddler will be taking bubble baths, but you will probably need a big bathtub and space to dry him off. On the other hand, if your morning routine involves a huge pile of make-up products, chances are you’ll need extra shelves or cupboards to keep them all within easy reach of your make-up mirror.

Understanding the needs of a space is the first crucial step towards figuring out what furnishings it requires, so you also won’t waste time on multiple iterations of the design and layout.

2. Pay attention to the little details in decor

Looking to customize your bathroom 3

Do you love nature, or have green fingers? If you do, how about including some plants in the bathroom? That way, you are greeted by greenery – and the fresh air it provides – early in the morning while you’re getting ready to face the day. Or perhaps you’re an art lover? Although paintings may not do well in the fluctuating bathroom humidity, clay or ceramic sculptures sure could. You could even use accent lights to spotlight these pieces in a dramatic way.

If budgeting is an issue however, not to worry. These days, there are many affordable sources – both online and offline – for you to browse through and pick up a mishmash of decorative items that suit your personal taste and aesthetic. Even if it doesn’t look perfectly symmetrical, it would still look good simply because each piece is something you enjoy.

3. Consider modular configurations

Looking to customize your bathroom 4

In this day and age of urban living, the need to maximize the functionality and available storage within a living space has become a growing need. The good thing is, there are now an increasing number of modular configurations for home furnishings and furniture, and the bathroom is no exception.

These days, you can find a wide array of options for things like shelves and cupboards that can be customized to suit the size and shape of any bathroom you may have at home.

Take the SpaceMaster by American Standard for instance – The collection not only maximizes space to suit your needs, where and when you need it, but also allows you to customize your own vanity with add-on storage units, by mixing and matching cabinets, compact shelves and side shelves. With SpaceMaster, you are free to create any combination with its modular designs and the range of finishes to suit your bathroom’s look and feel.

4. Don’t forget the floors

Looking to customize your bathroom 5

While not often at the top of our list of priorities when it comes to customizing any space, the bathroom floor is certainly worth some thought as it can have significant impact on the look and feel of the overall space.

After all, a marbled floor definitely gives off a more luxurious look and feel compared to ordinary ceramic tiles, while floor tiles with bold, striking patterns can show off some of your personal style. Plus, carefully selecting the material your floors are made of and the size of your tiles can affect how comfortable it is to walk in the bathroom, how slippery – and hence dangerous for older folks or younger children – it can be, and even make your job of cleaning a whole lot easier.

In this day and age, customizing any part of your home – even your bathroom – has never been easier. Anyone can now access a plethora of customization options out there no matter your budget. And if it’s a decision that could save you a few precious minutes every day by improving your daily routine, or enhance your lifestyle in one way or another, there’s hardly any reason left to not try, don’t you think?