What is a Bidet Seat?

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Bidet Seats deliver the functionality of a bidet, fixed onto an existing toilet. This will replace the toilet seat with a bidet seat which is hooked onto you existing water connection. The electronic bidets or E-Bidets meanwhile would require a power connection.

With the Pristine E-Bidet Toilet Seat, you can enjoy enhanced hygiene and personal comfort right in your own home. This refreshing technology is easy to install and will definitely meet, or even exceed your cleanliness expectations.

The Pristine E-Bidet features two separate nozzles that provide independent front and rear cleansing with five adjustable positions. We are so particular about hygiene, that the nozzles clean themselves before and after use and is protected by a cover that prevents waste from contaminating it. Further, the antibacterial protection that is applied onto the seat cover and nozzles along with the control panel will reassure you on a complete sense of clean and added peace of mind.

Watch video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD-hWNq1H6k

What are the benefits of the Pristine E-Bidet Seat?

# Cleanliness is in the details

Water will always clean more thoroughly than paper. We all believe this when it comes to showering, bathing, even washing our hands. Why not with the rest of what you do in the bathroom?

Pristine E-Bidet Seats offer a range of advanced personal cleansing systems with customizable features to fit your personal needs. American Standard has paid attention to every detail so you can relax and enjoy a new feeling of clean.

Many bidets in market comes with a single nozzle which delivers all cleansing options. This limits your options when it comes to proper positioning and achieving that complete feeling of cleanliness. Our self-cleaning dual nozzle bidet seat provide a better experience, with front and rear cleansing and several position adjustment options to fit each user

# A Comforting Experience

Cold winter days, and even colder toilet seats… not with the Pristine E-Bidet, which comes with a heated seat in a range from 28– 40 degrees, customisable to your preference and comfort. The massage sprays allow adjustable spray and washing options while the in-built dryer adds that additional sense of comfort with customisable temperature controls. The drying setting will be different for everyone, so take your time to find the right setting for you. All this allows us to significantly reduce the use of toilet paper in the most hygienic ways.

# Modern Convenience

All of these functions are available in the Pristine Bidet remote attached to the seat, making this a “Seat above the Rest”

Do not worry about installing the bidet seat, It’s easy and convenient. You need not replace the whole pan, it’s a retrofit product which needs to fit into the correct toilet pan. The Pristine E-bidet fits into many of the American Standard toilets. However please check in with our distributors on the Pristine seat templates and these will guide you to the best fit for your existing toilet.

Watch Installation Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_k-fe_Y_1E